UNDEROATH / Survive, Kaleidoscope

Tooth and Nail / Solid State

Track Listing
01. Returning Empty Handed (Sayreville, New Jersey)
02. In Regards to Myself (Buffalo, New York)
03. It's Dangerous Business Walking out Your Front Door (Austin, Texas)
04. You're Ever So Inviting (Baltimore, Maryland)
05. To Whom It May Concern (Boise, Idaho)
06. A Moment Suspended in Time (Boston, Massachusetts)
07. Young and Aspiring (Norfolk, Virginia)
08. Writing on the Walls (Chicago, Illinois)
09. Everyone Looks So Good from Here (Omaha, Nebraska)
10. Casting Such a Thin Shadow (Baltimore, Maryland)
11. Moving for the Sake of Motion (St. Paul, Minnesota)
12. A Boy Brushed Red, Living in Black and White (Sayreville, New Jersey)


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